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HongKong 2018

Greetings from Hong Kong slaves,

just enjoying my luxuary lifestyle,

spend your fagcash on vacations,

tonite will trample my asianslave

and make him lick my dressshoes clean,

this fag is crazy

he enjoys when I ride him like a horse,

should wipe him with my belt,

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Hongkong Trip was fun

Hey slaves and fans,

the Trip to Hongkong was fun, loads of party and good slaves at my feet.

I enjoyed the best restaurants and had great cocktails in roof tops of the hights sky lines of the luxury hotels.

Sure, all paid up by my Asian servant.

Servants simply treated me as a King, simply as I deserve.

I did good shopping and got the new Iphone 6s.

Sure my slave paid for it haha.

Here you can see a good amount in cash at my feet.

Plenty of Hong Kong Dollars. I know you are wondering how much is in euros or just US dollars or GBP hehhe. Its about 1600 in euros losers. Muhahha

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